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    We're excited to introduce you to five world-changers who recently completed our Enterprise Accelerator.

  • Meet our Spring 2016 Enterprise Fellows

    Adeeb Barqawi

    President/CEO, ProUnitas (Houston)

    "As a country we have become program rich but system poor - Our children come to us with numerous needs and no one program possesses the capacity to solve them all. As a backbone organization ProUnitas invests in optimizing the relationship between the various programs thus providing them with the infrastructure to maximize their own potential."

    Tanya Dimitrova

    Founder, Science Journal for kids (Sofia, Bulgaria)

    “Scientists and science teachers struggle to inform young people about the   latest environmental science research because it is written in highly    academic, incomprehensible language. Science Journal for Kids adapts   these peer-reviewed cutting edge scientific articles into kid-friendly language and offers a customized lesson plan for each article.”

    Carl Settles

    Founder/Executive Director, e4 youth (Austin)

    "Creative youth often feel disengaged in traditional education settings. They are at risk of dropping out and ultimately being underemployed. E4 Youth partners with creative companies and schools to cultivate talented high school and college-age students and connect them with meaningful employment pathways."

    D.C. Vito

    Executive Director, The lamp (New York)

    "Educators often lack the resources to help youth comprehend, create and critique media messages. MediaBreaker does this by providing a free, cloud-based platform to integrate media literacy skills with existing classroom lesson plans."

    Cecilia Foxworthy

    founder, torus teens (New York)

    "Young people without access to a quality formal education need alternative opportunities to cultivate interests, build networks and develop skills. Torus Youth solves this problem by connecting teens to free and low cost after-school and summer programs."